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Business Consulting

We provide Business Consulting for Pediatric Therapy Companies and their owners. We are proven experts in Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy Private Practices. Check out our Developmental Milestones of private practice. If you fall into one of these milestone categories and need support getting to that next step, give us a call! As many might be aware, there are an infinite number of variables and tasks to achieve in preplanning, starting, growing, developing, scaling, and potentially exiting a business. We have organized these milestones where we feel we can get at all of them over time. We are ready and prepared to provide you with our consultative and coaching services to help you reach your next business milestone!

Pre-planning Milestone

Are you wanting to start your own private Pediatric Therapy Business? Let us help you decide on the best course of action to ensure your future success! 

Pay our hourly rate, $95/hr for Leadership Coaching and $150/hr for Consulting and Education, or the entire Pre-planning Milestone for $500.

Leadership Coaching 101

Looking to talk through all the pieces? Leadership Coaching can give you the support you need as you travel along your private practice milestone journey. Are you wondering if you should start a private practice? What’s your purpose, passion, and vision for starting a private practice? Carrie is the right first step in discussing your goals, dreams, and passion as a Pediatric Therapist Entrepreneur. 

Financial Readiness 101

Can you afford to jump into this milestone? Can you afford not to? Matt can help you preplan and run the numbers for how much you would need to make to cover your business expenses as well as your personal expenses. We are not just going to hand you a checklist, we are going to be with you and work through it together. Do the math first before committing. Make your opportunity a dream and not a nightmare.

Education, Knowledge, and Confidence 101

Talk with Carrie and Matt to help organize your thoughts. Get the education, knowledge, and confidence that will be critical in making your business a success.


You have decided, now it's time to get things moving. We are ready to work with you and share our secrets of our success.

Pay our hourly rate, $95/hr for Leadership Coaching and $150/hr for Consulting and Education, or $750 for the Start-up Milestone.

Leadership Coaching 201

Carrie will be there for you as you kick off your practice. Having someone who can lend an ear, and help you focus your energy to accomplish the goals you want to achieve is so important in the early stages. Carrie can help you peel things back so you can get a better understanding of how things are developing.

Business Planning 201

Business Plan prep, development, and implementation – With over 35 years of proven entrepreneurial spirit and business planning, we are ready to help you develop your business plan for yourself, potential investors, and lenders. We can help you provide structure and content that makes sense and supports the capital you need. We can help elevate your company with a streamlined and smooth planning process, from start to finish.

Business and Company Structure 201

Deciding. What legal business structure works best for you? Do you know about LLCs? PLLCs? Or should you have a corporation? What is an S-Corp?  or C-Corp? Can I just be a Sole Proprietor? Do I need an EIN?  Setting up the correct business structure is important, and it can save you a lot of headaches down the road if done correctly. You will want a business structure that is flexible and can support your growth. We will work with you and your state SBDC to help get your business legally set up and registered with your state.

Practice Infrastructure 201
Marketing 201

Do you have a Marketing Campaign? Where do your customers come from and what do they look like? Understanding where your customers come from and who refers to them is key to being successful at this milestone.

Financial Readiness 201

So you have completed Financial Readiness 101 and are ready to move forward. In this consultation series, we will work with you on developing a 3-year budget. We will estimate your revenue per visit based on market location, services, and payer mix. We will also review SBA loan options if you desire.

HR Policies and Procedures 201

Are you getting ready to hire your first employee? Do you think using independent contractors is best? Do you know how many clients you need to support the wages needed to pay someone? Drafting policies and procedures that ensure all employees are treated fairly and equally is a must. What payroll system do you use, or plan to use?

Growth, Development and Scaling

Expansion of your vision, through growth, development and scaling. Through these multiple series of one-on-one consulting, we will share with you how we grew from 1 service to multiple across several disciplines. We will share how we developed and trained our team of 100 employees to support going from 1 office to 7 within 14 years.

Pay our hourly rate, $95/hr for Leadership Coaching and $150/hr for Consulting and Education, or $1500 for the Growth, Development and Scaling Milestone.

Leadership Coaching 301

In this series of sessions, Carrie will work closely with you to help you review where you are and where you wanted to be. She will mentor you to allow you to grow personally, and professionally to decide which area is best suited to growing first. Are you ready for more services, or are you ready for more locations? Do you understand how you will need to transform to lead and grow this business? Carrie has done it.  From being a Sole Proprietor working out of her home to leading 100 employees across 7 offices spanning all of Northern Virginia to Central Virginia. Learn from someone who not only has done it but cares about your growth and development. 

Financial Readiness 301

Matt is ready to work with you on reviewing all your financial reports, previous and current.  To help you develop projections based on size and location. Additionally, to help you estimate the true cost in operating across multiple centers and to help capitalize on the benefits of scaling to increase profitability.

Marketing 301

If you are ready to grow your business, you need to be growing your marketing campaign.  The word needs to get out.  Carrie and Matt can share secrets of how to do this to ensure success in future offices and services.

HR 301

When it comes to expansion, growing within centers, developing more services, or scaling to multiple locations, understanding HR and having a solid foundation to expand is key. An orientation and training program can help. Easy-to-understand policies that keep it simple and consistent and having a ladder for internal growth and development go a long way to achieving your vision. Understanding how to lead people in organizations requires outside assistance. Having a team that has done it only makes sense. We are here to help.

Practice Infrastructure 301

If done correctly in startup, this might be easier than you think.  However, no matter how you have started, we can help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We can help you get the foundation in place so you can support expansion. We will touch on the following areas in this series.

Business and Company Structure 301

Did you choose correctly on start-up? Understanding what your options are now and potential tax implications or savings without impacting your EIN comes into view. There are options available, and we can help you work through them.  When is it the right time to be taxed as a C-Corp and not an S-Corp? Do you have an accountant who can do the math for you? Are your personal assets protected and are you maintaining entity compliance for the protection you think you have?


Work with us and we can share our successful story of selling our private pediatric therapy business and how we attracted multiple buyers. Additionally, let us share with you how to find peace of mind in your decision, and what’s next.

Pay our hourly rate, $95/hr for Leadership Coaching and $150/hr for Consulting and Education, or $500 for the Exiting Milestone.

Leadership Coaching 401

There are many reasons to exit your business. Maybe it’s time to retire, move on, or close your business. Maybe like us, you have done it! You have reached a point where someone else wants what you have built. Regardless, you have spent many years doing this, are you ready? Is this the right thing? Do you really want to sell your business, retire, or close your business? Working with Carrie so you can understand all of this can inform your decision. Don’t do this alone.

Financial Readiness 401

Selling a business is a challenge.  But we can help you get there.  Making sure your financials are accurate and that you understand the projections for the next 12 months can go quite far in negotiating your selling price.  Do you understand the putbacks that will no doubt increase your selling price?  We are ready to assist you and help organize your data, files, and thoughts.  Make sure you understand the best deal you should be getting and the fees you might have to pay.  Make sure you have secured the team necessary to work with you as you work with the buyer in their due diligence.

HR 401

When it comes time to close, don’t forget about the people who got you where you are. Carrie and Matt can share their personal stories and aid you in making sure you understand all of the loose ends on payroll to close out. Also, when do you tell your team? Who finds out first and how do you think they will take it? Selling your business will be an emotional roller-coaster for everyone. Let us help you lead your way through this truly successful milestone.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Why Leadership Coaching?

Leadership Coaching will give you the support you need as you travel along your private practice milestone journey. Whether you are wondering if you should start a private practice, balancing being a therapist and business owner, wanting to grow your business, or juggling work and life, coaching will provide the opportunity for renewed thinking and transformational change.