• Is a private practice right for you?

• What are your goals?

• What does your private practice look like?

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We can help you start your business the right way with a solid foundation you can grow on.

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Need help adding services, or hiring employees? We can help!

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Need help developing your staff, services, and facility. We view development as improving training, techniques and procedures to support growth and Scaling.

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Are you ready to open more offices? We’ve done that!

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Every owner should have an exit strategy. Knowing when and how to execute it is key. We have done it and can help you plan for success!

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Business Solutions for Pediatric Therapy Companies

Six Way Solutions creates a specialized plan designed for Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy companies.

Plan for business growth

Six Way Solutions has the perfect solution.

Who Are We?

Successful and experienced private practice business founders. Educated business coach and consultant. Over 15 years of Entrepreneur experience in starting, growing, and selling a highly successful pediatric private practice company. We are proven leaders and community supporters. As a husband-and-wife team, we are committed to helping your business succeed.

What We Do?

We provide strategies, advice, knowledge, experience, and support in setting up, growing, scaling, or exiting your private practice. Our goal is to help you launch, develop, grow, and succeed. We will provide you with our successes and pitfalls to guide you along your journey.

Why Us?

We were small private practice owners who, over 15 years, started, grew, and sold a private pediatric therapy company. We’ve done it! Starting as a sole proprietor, growing it into 7 multidisciplinary clinics with over 100 employees then selling the company, provides us the opportunity to share our experiences and lessons learned to help you succeed. We are ready to share our story, experiences, and strategies for a successful private practice. 

Learn How leadership coaching can help you achieve success

Developmental Milestones of a private practice

Check out our Developmental Milestones of private practice.  If you fall into one of these milestone categories and need support getting to that next step, give us a call! We are ready and prepared to provide you with our consultative and coaching services to help you reach your next business milestone!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Carrie and Matt are a dynamic duo with tons of experience to offer! I appreciated Matt's practical approach to laying out logical first and next steps to build my practice. He has a great pulse on the private practice space and his focus helped me really narrow in on my practice goals and the steps I needed to take to achieve them. Carrie brought a supportive coaching role to our partnership that helped me keep my expectations (and those of others) in check to assure that I thought about sustainability from the outset. I highly recommend working with this supportive team if you are dipping your toe into the private practice space or building on an existing practice foundation.
SLP, Private practice owner, Colorado

Why Leadership Coaching?

Navigating change with confidence

Leadership Coaching will give you the support you need as you travel along your private practice milestone journey. Whether you are wondering if you should start a private practice, balancing being a therapist and business owner, wanting to grow your business, or juggling work and life, coaching will provide the opportunity for renewed thinking and transformational change.