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We provide strategies, advice, knowledge, experience, and support in setting up, growing, scaling, or exiting your private practice. Our goal is to help you launch, develop, grow, and succeed.  We will provide you with our successes and pitfalls to guide you along your journey.


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Starting a Private Practice has been a dream of mine for many years, but the thought of how to go about it logistically had always been too intimidating for me to take action. Working with Matt and Carrie Fleming with Six Way Solutions fixed that problem! Between Matt's business knowledge and Carrie's intimate knowledge of Speech Therapy and quality of care importance, the two make an outstanding team. Thanks to Six Way Solutions, each step for how to start up a business has been easy to keep track of and manage. Not only do Matt and Carrie know the process, but they have done it themselves! With their practical knowledge and implementation strategies, the process for getting my company up and going has been seamless and stress-free. I am looking forward to continuing to grow my practice and feel confident because I have them as guides to lead me through that process.
SLP, Virginia